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Are you ready for unique company experiences delivered right to your doorstep? Keep your company's employees entertained at home while they work from home. Below are some of our most popular virtual events.

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Popular Online Events

Food of the Future,

Burger workshop

Invite your staff group to an entertaining, sustainable food workshop with Hey Planet.


All ingredients will be sent ahead of the event, including Hey Planet's nutritious, superfood steak made from edible insects. This fun workshop will guide you through making the ultimate tasty “future” burger while learning about Wholi's sustainability principles.


This is a sensorial and unique experience that is guaranteed to pique the interest of your environmentally conscious and curious colleagues.

Coffee tasting

with ØNSK

Invite your colleagues to an online coffee tasting with the coffee company ØNSK.


ØNSK imports and roasts coffee from Nicaragua in Central America, and makes a virtue out of creating tasty and authentic coffee experiences. For this staff event, you will be guided in how to prepare the coffee while gaining new knowledge about coffee.


Prior to the event, you will receive a package that contains 6 different coffee tasting packets that come from different farmers in Nicaragua. The perfect, aromatic experience for coffee lovers!

Beer tasting with People Like Us

Invite your colleagues to an online craft beer tasting with the Copenhagen-based micro-brewery People Like Us.


The founder Lars Carlsen and brewer Rune Lindgreen will guide you through the development of the different beers, their individual taste notes and the social sustainability concept behind People Like Us.


The tasting package will be delivered to everyone prior to the event.


Great fun for corporate team building events!

Barista workshop

with ØNSK

Improve your barista skills and up your street cred with an online barista course brought to you by ØNSK.


In just a few hours, you will have learnt to make as good coffee at home, as you would usually buy at the best coffee bar in town. 


The course covers everything from selecting the beans, grinding, dosing, tamping, pressing, brewing, frothing and latte art.


Everyone will receive a package containing the different coffee beans prior to the event.


The perfect, aromatic experience for anyone who loves a good cup of coffee - or would love to serve one!

Cider tasting with People Like Us

Wake up your senses with crispy clean and tongue-tingling cider from Æblerov. 


The cider tasting will be guided by the founder of Æblerov himself, Morten Sylvest-Noer, who will be accompanied by cider connoiseur and owner of the brewery People Like Us, Lars Carlsen.


Over the course of approx. 2 hours, you will be tasting and learning fun facts about the different ciders, as well as learning about the social sustainability principle on which People Like Us is based.


This event is for anyone who's up for trying something different - and tasty! 

Port tasting with GILA

Participate in an exclusive online port wine tasting led by wine experts Lars and Gitte from GILA Vinimport.


This virtual tasting will feature rich and intense port wines from Butler Nephew and Co., all of which will be presented, described and discussed with GILA Vinimport.


You will receive a tasting package consisting of several bottles of port wine prior to the event.


To get the most out of the tasting, GILA recommends stashing up on some cheese, sausage, pâté and/or chocolate. Preferably "and"!


*If you prefer the snacks as part of the package, let us know and we can handle this, too.

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