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What is Events Online's vision, how was the concept born and who are the people behind it? Read on for more info about Events Online - online events for organisations and companies.


Hvad er Events Online

Our concept is as simple as our website:

We help you organise online activities so that you can maintain the well-being of your employees, colleagues and members. This is especially important when face to face interaction at live events isn’t possible, but engaging your audience remains a priority - e.g. during a lockdown.

The entire event takes place online, and each participant live-streams the event from the safety and comfort of their own home, while simultaneously communicating with the other participants via the chosen online platform.


Whether we’re talking Friday bars, wine tastings, workshops, kickoff meetings, concerts or something completely different, we at Events Online can offer both existing event concepts or tailor-made online events that leave a lasting impression.


Events Online is born

Events Online was founded during the Covid-19 crisis of 2020 with the core purpose of helping organisations bring employees and members together without spreading the virus.


We can offer numerous services, including (but not limited to):

  1. Help in defining the theme, focus or purpose of your online event

  2. Setting up a schedule

  3. Help in finding the right digital tools

  4. Coordination with subcontractors

  5. Shipping any packages to participants

  6. Setting up video streaming

  7. Help with A-Z communication

  8. Help in marketing your online event.

Additionally, and as a part of the package, you get free access to our in-house, full-service ticketing system, Ticketbutler, including all the support you may need.


Why virtuel events?

There are several reasons why you should be considering hosting a virtual event - besides it being much more COVID-friendly, of course. Online events:

  1. save time

  2. have fewer travel costs.

  3. are on average 75% cheaper than physical events - all you need is a laptop or mobile as well as an internet connection.

  4. are much more sustainable than physical events (think less food waste, waste, CO2, etc.).

  5. are more inclusive, as more people can participate regardless of illness, disability, location, etc.

  6. can be both interactive and inclusive.

  7. can motivate employees, association members, etc.

  8. enables the participation of any children, partners, roomies, pets, etc.

  9. is a great alternative to cancelling events because of e.g. Covid-19.


Powered by Ticketbutler

Events Online is developed and run by the event and ticketing platform Ticketbutler. Ticketbutler has repeatedly challenged and innovated the event industry since its foundation in 2017.


Ticketbutler has in particular made itself known in the industry by adopting a mission to deliver sustainable events as well as push the event industry in a greener direction.

By using Events Online for your virtual event planning, you instantly gain access to a full-service ticketing system through Ticketbutler. This means you can easily collect registrations as well as keep a unique overview of your event. All of this at no extra cost.

Click here to visit Ticketbutler.

Many years' experience

We at Events Online can help plan, produce and execute online events, meetings and experiences for companies and individuals who need an alternative to meeting irl. We have already successfully delivered events for some major companies and organisations, and with our years of experience in the events industry, we can confidently say that no event is too big, too small or too international for us.

We can help you design the event from scratch, but we can also merely assist in parts of the event planning process, e.g. logistics or marketing. The possibilities are as endless as the internet itself.

Contact us today for a free consultation or a non-binding offer. We would love to help you turn your thoughts into action - and a lasting memory for your employees, colleagues and members.

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